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Why should you choose NEW ERA PUBLIC SCHOOL for your child’s future?
    The School provides a congenial atmosphere to nurture the young minds to dream big, aspire for great heights, explore boundless opportunities and strive for different goals in life. The School curriculum has been designed systematically ensuring rich content, diverse style of approach and a unique blend of teaching methodologies. Established as a Green School, we lay the foundation for delivering progressive 21st-century skills to students, making them a part of the digital world, motivating them for a good life and underlying the importance of sustainable living. Here, education is an enjoyable, rewarding and meaningful learning experience. We maximize the interest and excitement of students by assessing their needs, tailoring the course experience and using teaching techniques that purposefully heighten students’ engagement. We wholeheartedly equip children to be independent enquirers, reflective learners, creative thinkers and excellent team workers so that they can grow into responsible, caring and fulfilled adults who actively and positively contribute to their community. We ensure every child’s academic excellence is achieved through collaborative efforts of teachers, parents and students. We take pride in our learning culture where students are encouraged to take calculated risks, learn through making mistakes, embrace failures and disappointments and take responsibility for their actions.